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Anyone ever use powerblocks? Are they just as good as dumbbells? Thinking about purchasing it.

I have a 5-85 lb. set complete with bench and dip stand. I love them, but I rarely work out at home anymore so I hardly use them.

I have them and I like them a lot. You can’t beat the conveinence they offer when changing weights. I thought they would take some getting used to, but they were comfortable right away.

They are kind of expensive, especially if you want to get them up to 125 lbs. The basic Pro set only goes up to 45lb. They also come with metal inserts so you can increase the weight by 2.5 lbs.


They are still cheaper then buying a set of dumbbells. How do they feel? Do they feel like dumbbells? thinking about setting up a home gym thats why I ask. I need to invest in a few more things, but if the powerblocks are just as good as dumbbells, I’ll go with them.

Powerblocks are great. I felt comfortable using them with every exercise - even one arm snatches and other dynamic movements. The grip is a bit more comfortable on powerblocks than dbs and the weight is more evenly distributed around the hand, so they won’t train grip quite as much as db’s, but that is a minor point. My rating on powerblocks: 10 out of 10. The best invention ever for a home gym.

For a home gym you can’t get any better! The space that you save using the powerblocks rather than dumbbells is great. I highly recommend getting Powerblocks for your home gym. I would suggest the Pro-Aluminum or Pro-Rexan and if you have the money get the Big Block kit (up to 125-130lbs in each hand).
It’s worth the investment.

Agree, agree, agree, 100%. Best investment I ever made. Between my power blocks and squat rack with olympic bar and tons of plates, I only work out at home now. No more gym memberships, no more idiots at the gym hogging equipment, no more bad music, etc. I don’t know how I’d do half the workouts that are posted on T-Mag without my home gym! (i.e. lots of supersetting different exercises that would be across the gym from one another).

Another vote for PowerBlocks! I think they’re great. Nick M, I’m getting a power cage tomorrow, and I can’t wait. It opens up a whole new range of exercises. I also agree about the home gym aspects, no waiting, crappy music, annoying people. Powerblocks are a huge part of that. I too was impressed with the balance and overall feeling once I tried them.

They are one of the best home gym investments you can make. I just upgraded to the 130 pound set. Yesterday, I had one set fall off a bench while I was switching hands doing one arm rows and the retaining pin was smashed. Today, I emailed PowerBlock and Greg Olsen, the owner of the company, emailed me right back that he would send me another one FREE. That is what customer service is supposed to be about! I also find that with the grip they use, I can actually lift more weight in key lifts such as incline presses than I can with any other dumbell.

I am sold!!! I am going to purchase a set this weekend. Anyonelse that have any commets feel free to post on Powerblocks good or bad. From the looks of it, it will get some pretty good reviews. I am sold! Thanks guys for the info.

I also plan to pick some up, who has the best price on these?

Who has the best prices?!

im considerig purchasing powerblocks too, but I live on the second floor. can anyone advise me on any type of mats to dull the thud

Another vote! I’ve owned them for 4 years now and love them. For yellowhogan, they come with a stand (it’s part of how the system works) so rarely do I place them on the floor. You might be able to go without a sound muffler.

Is this so hard to answer?

Do a search online. Some people have better things to do than research prices.

I really do wish there was a way that I could slap some people through my computer. If you want to know (whoever you are, as you aren’t signing your name), go FUCKING LOOK IT UP!!!

What a lazy asshole. What is your MAX BENCH???

Great product for home gyms and definitely worth looking into.

Ok, I think we are being a bit too hard on this person who is asking for the place with the best prices. Powerblocks are expensive and since many of us have connections or have searched all over the place for the best prices, I think it is totally legitimate.

With that said, I don't have any leads on the best prices, but you might want to search for used pairs on EBAY or craigslist - although unlikely. Other than that - you're on your own, cause I don't have any other suggestions.