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i’m looking at powerblocks as an option for my home gym. for those who own these or have tried them: are there any problems with these? are there any limitation? (i.e. can you use straps with them, etc.) any feedback would be great. thanks!

Personally I own the professional ones and I do not like them. I am going to sell mine. I do not like how they can trap the wrist if you are using full rom. I also do not like the weight incriments in the handles it makes changing weights just as time consuming as it would be with regular dumbells. IN fact slower. I hate them I wish I would have never bought them. I use my regular handled dumbells most of the time. .

I have a set that goes from 5-90 lbs and I love them. You can use them for any motion including dynamic motions like one arm snatches. They are easy to change, easy to handle. Straps might be difficult, but not impossible. Overall, I am very happy with them. Very worthwhile investment.

I’m with Jason. I have the 5-90 lb. set and it’s the best investment I think you could make in a home gym, next to a power rack anyway.

Have had my powerblocks for over 5 years now… LOVE THEM. 5 to 90lbs in multiples of 2.5. Best investment I ever made.

I have the 90 set and I like them a lot. I have a small fitness room and they take up very little space compared to DB’s. They can be a somewhat limited in ROM on some exercises. And the increments go 10 15, 17, 20, 25, 27 30 so you have to do 5 lbs jumps. But adjusting reps and sets can compensate for that. Bottom line - I love them.

Ah PB’s, the beating heart of my small workout chamber. Can’t not have 'em. Lata.

MBE: "Rockin' the Powerblocks since 2000."


Best thing out there for small spaces. Non-traditional, but easy to use. I love mine.

how much does a set cost and would any major sporting goods store have them in stock?

$329 for 5# to 45# base kit, $219 for 40# add-on kit, $119 for stand.

Thanks V2!