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Powerblocks vs Ironmaster


Here's my situation.

Looking for space saving DB's, that can also be easily transported to clients' houses. These clients won't be needing anything over 50 lbs, but using them at home will want a set that goes heavier.

So, what I would need from them is the ability to change the weight without it being in the main holder (like Bowflex ones). that way I don't have to lug 2 90 lb DBs to a client's house to only use 50 lbs of it.

I never heard of the Ironmasters until recently.

I've used PB's before and wasn't a huge fan of them as far as easibility of changing the pin. I prefered the dial of Bowflex SelectTechs, but don't really want those.

any input here?


I have powerblocks with the add on up to 130lbs. I think changing the weight is OK until you go higher than 90lbs which then requires the pin plus a second pin. I wish I had checked out the ironmasters before making such a big investment.


Not sure what's not to like about the PB's with their single pin adjustment. Seems pretty easy and very quick to me. I tried PB's and didn't like them however for the reason of just not feeling like a standard dumbbell. I bought used set of 120lb IM's and am very happy with them. For your situation however, because you need to take them to client's houses and likely allow them to be changed quickly, PB's might still be a better option.




I put the the 2 inch converters on mine now I have actual fat dumbells.


I should add, I like the ability of the IMs to also be used with their KB base for an additional $90 where as the PB version is another $200 for slightly less weight.

And the IMs have the ability to put the DBs on their cable attachment to their bench.

Would be nice to have a local store that has the IMs to see if it's really that much of a hassle to change the weights, without the stand.


though, the IM site says they have a 30 day return policy even shipping, could be worth a shot


Why don't you check out craigslist and let price and availability determine which way you go?

Are you close to Silver Spring?


Or Stafford?


probably equal distance to both.

I've check CL and neither of those are great deals IMO


I have the ironmasters as well and love them.

<---- see pic


Sorry to jump in, but what dou think to using the "olympic" dumbbell handles that I've seen on eBay? I'm putting together a home gym soon and have been looking at these as a cheap db alternative (along with rack, oly bar and weights thrown in)


The iron master site sells them. I bought mine from sams fitness a iron master dealer in Australia. I also own fat grips I prefer the converters because they are permanent and have knurling feel like actual fat dumbells.


I do not like them I find 5kg olympic plates to big and there is no range of motion. I think you would be better of getting a good old spinlock set get the longest handle you can find and you can load them up to 50kg each providing the weight plates a thin.


I do not like them I find the olympic 5kg weight plates to big and there is no range of motion.