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Powerblock vs Turbobell


I have a couple of my members moving away and they asked my advice about setting up a home gym (maybe it was something I said).

I have used powerblocks in the past and quite like them; I checked out the price and also saw these-


I would appreciate if anyone who has used them would let me know what they think.

Many Thanks


Looks like the Turbobells only go up to 60 lbs. That really limits what you can do with them. I have Powerblocks and like them quite a bit. The Powerblocks can be expanded up to 130 lbs.


How are the powerblocks for exercises such as snatches? Seems like you wouldnt have much room for a big hand in the enclosure if your wrist werent perfectly straight the entire time (sorry for the hijack) thanks.


I'm thinking of building a gym if we move to a new house, are the 130lb powerblocks comforable to use? It seems that they would restrict motion, like when i would want to perform one arm dumbell snatches. has anyone ever had any issues with these with any particular excercises and should i buy them knowing i can only do simple pressing and pulling excercises?

those 60lb dumbells are a joke in terms of resistance, even though they are more ergonomic.

(just pondering) Why could they not build a unit that had the same design but with a denser metal and 10lb incraments starting with 50lb weight and moving up? laters pk


You might want to consider these http://www.ironmaster.com/store/customer/product.php?productid=2&cat=1&page=1 (they are quite sturdy)


my buddy has some and they are restrictive to my wrists. i have pretty average sized hands and there's not even enough room to do skull crushers w/ them. same thing for snatches. you can snatch them of course but not w/good form. also they don't spin, obviously, so snatching loads your wrists/forearms when you turn them over. not so awesome as the pounds go up, and not so awesome if you need to bail either.


Appreciate it.


Thanks for the feedback,
I did notice that the turbobell only went up to 60lbs; I have a couple of women who are interested in a home gym set up so 60lb'ers should be ok for them.

As regards the powerblocks; I've used these a fair bit and although they can be awkward for certain movements overall I think they're pretty good.

Thanks to lion shark for the link unfortunately I'm limited to what I can get in the UK.

Apart from the lack of weight does anyone have any opinions on turbobells? Are they easy to adjust? Are they hard wareing? Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks Chris


I can only give you feedback on the bower blocks as that is what I train with. I train strongman now and these are a great addition to any weight room. Yeah, they may not be great for something like snatches but they are perfect for 99% of dumbell exercises.

Mine are 5 years old and are used daily and look brand new. I would consider myself advanced and they are great.


I totally agree, I've used the blocks quite a bit and really like them it's the turbobells I'm in the dark over.

Thanks Chris


i agree with this. they are useful for alot of stuff. plus they're built well, easy to change, and save space.