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Powerblock Time


Hi friends.
Has anyone here had any experience with Powerblock dumbells?
Can you still do all the lifts you can as with ordinary dumbells?

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These are all we have in my gym.

Unfortunately, all we can do are wrist curls. We all have huge forearms now though.

What kind of question is this? What wouldn't you be able to do with Powerblocks? Do you know what a Powerblock is?


Powerblocks work very well. I can't keep them in stock sometimes.

What would you do with a dumbbell that you couldn't do with a slightly bigger bell?


Dude, he's a fucking BIRD! I have a cockatiel and he has a tough time grabbing on to certain objects because of the lack of footspan... imagine trying to grab 100 lb powar blox with those little talons.


Can you drop them, say after doing bench, without breaking them?


You can, but I wouldn't recommend it with any adjustable dumbbell or kettlebell. On Powerblock's site they showed a video of their urethane series getting dropped over and over again and they still work fine.


Yer. Thats the kind of things I was wondering about? If you could drop them etc.


You shouldn't need to drop them. If you can pick them up, you should be able to put them down.


But if I don't drop them, how am I supposed to know when to let out a mighty roar?


you can drop anything that you pick up... why would a dumbbell or powerblock be any different?


a video of you incline dumbell pressing 150lb x 6 and then putting them down softly would be nice.

i tried but i just couldn't get the technique down right


I knew this would happen...Shoulda kept my mouth shut. Does it have to be for 6 reps? Would 120 suffice?


True...he can crap on them...


I think they are great for a home gym. Sure I would rather have a full rack of solid iron, rubber coated dumbells, but that ain't gonna happen. My set of powerblocks will go up to 140 lbs and I have a long way to go before having to worry how I am going to put them down after a set of presses.


haha no. i could do 120x15 and still set them down softly.

obviously at a certain point the whole 'if you pick it up, you can set it down' mantra doesn't apply.

but i'm just giving you shit.

carry on


god modok, you're always fucking right.

OP, just know if you use the 165lb add on kit, you will void the warranty. but unless you're being a tard, you shouldn't have to worry about it.


Incline? Thats much easier to put down... try flat DB press without dropping them. Thats the hard one! (thats what she said)


I only work out alone. I have figured out a very easy way to do this.

  1. Finish your set in the fully extended locked out position.
  2. Turn your wrists to neutral.
  3. Bring your knees up to the dbs.
  4. Place db on knees.
  5. Push down on dbs.
  6. Keep hips flexed and it will sit you upright. No risk of injury. I am not sure if this works with your 120's.. but I do it pretty easily with the 100's at my gym.
  7. ??
  8. Do we still do profit around here?
  9. Dick fountain.


I still havent mastered my dumbell handling techniques and still often drop them to the ground. Especially after doing 90lbs flat bench chest press.
And dot roar. After a big lift I go: "tweet, let see Brutus do that, tweet tweet tweet!!"

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If you plan on going to failure with heavy (to you) dumbbells I wouldn't buy adjustables. Powerblocks, Ironmaster etc are made for the lift at home trainee who wants to save $ per lb and space not for Lattimer screaming and throwing weight around. Yes, I know they make club versions and I still don't recommend dropping them repeatedly.