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PowerBalance Admits Wristband Scam


Powerbalance statement
In our advertising we stated that Power Balance wristbands improved your strength, balance and flexibility.

We admit that there is no credible scientific evidence that supports our claims and therefore we engaged in misleading conduct in breach of s52 of the Trade Practices Act 1974.

If you feel you have been misled by our promotions, we wish to unreservedly apologise and offer a full refund.

hey had to publish that in Australian media. The company has been under attack by consumer associations all over Europe because of their bogus claims and pseudo-scientific mumbojumbo, but this seems to be the first time in which a regulatory authority has made them admit that their claims are a simply a fraud.

The whole PowerBalance and similar magic wristbands swindle reminds me of the old magnetic wristbands my grandma used to wear in the 80s. Those were able to cure anything, from rheumatism to diabetes and, like this modern powertrickery, they made people feel better because the metal vibrated in the same frequency as the planet does, whatever that means.

Of course, these pseudo-scientific amulets have been made and distributed since the beginning of civilization. From magic stones to sanctified pendants made of holy chicken bones, charlatans have been devising miraculous devices to take advantage of often desperate people.

These are just fancier versions of those, used by a new generation of gullible people. But that doesn't mean the governments should stay still and not do anything. Like in Australia, the US and the European Union should smash all these companies and prohibit their misleading commercials.


Lucky for me I have a Q-ray instead.
Dodged a bullet on that one.


Wait....someone actually thought a wrist band made them stronger?

I personally wouldn't come forward if I felt that I had been wronged because that would make me an idiot.


The sad part is that people actually believed the shit in the first place!


lol exactly!


Aww, man!!! I've been using these (comfortable AND stylish) Wonder Woman wb's for a YEAR!!! Now I'm going to lose 50 lbs off my bench-- I just KNOW it!! ..... dammit all!



"in 2005, Gallup found that 53% of Americans expressed the belief that "God created human beings in their present form exactly the way the Bible describes it."

"A 1997 study found that fewer than 20% of Americans possessed basic scientific literacy"

and you are really surprised people believe in magic bracelets?


That makes sense. I have been wearing those power band bracelets around my wiener in hopes that they would improve my lulz worthy seckshual performance.

I have not seen any change, hence my wife's ridicule.

That bitch...



Say it ain't so!


My most recent ex's best friends dad sold these. She wore one but didn't believe they worked. What's funny to me is they're supposed to improve balance but you only wear one on one wrist. Wouldn't that throw off your balance?


I posted about this back in the other Powerbalance thread a week ago...


Several leading Scienticians have staked their reputations and correspondence diplomas on the line, assuring me that the PowerBalance bracelet repels not 3, but 4 different types of cosmic rays, while simultaneously aligning my heart and spirit shakras with the will of Phobecius, a deity made of pure radon gas and spiritual energy that presides over all the dark matter in the universe.

Why would several leading Scienticians lead me astray? I'm still sold on the PowerBalance bracelet.


Hey, what do you expect from Protestants? Give them a break, they never had a chance.


You're missing the point: those wristbands actually compensate the asymmetric cosmic misalignment within human beings.
That's why you'd made that horrible assumption in the first place.

Works on cats, too, btw. You have to apply them cross-wise, though (left/right front-paw : right/left hind-paw). Cat will get smart as hell, though, so beware (cats used to be humans before Iliomatres II, back in his hey-day, transformed the whole human Crexis Caste to cats).


Samsonite!? I was way off.


A buddy of mine was totally convinced these things worked. I laughed at him trying to convince me so much that he ended up getting really pissed off at me. Man I'm gonna love showing him this.

Another friend recently tried these out at a stand while I was watching. Total bullshit. How anybody believed it to begin with baffles me


I know a guy who spent near £60 on one in South Africa (yup, they inflate prices on everything there).

I keep making fun of his purchase and he just gets angry, I guess it's hard to admit you wasted a lot of money on a scam.


So if you believed in it and because of that it worked for you do you try to get your money back? LOL