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Being 16 years old, 164lbs and all. Should I focus on just getting stronger with heavy lifting and such and then when I've reached a certain point move to DE bench and squat or should I start incorporating it now. OR could I subsite the DE days with medicine ball throws, plyo-pushups (for example do like..3 week phase of strength, then on the 4th week just do plyo-pushups). If getting stronger will make me faster and all then I don't see a need to do any DE work or anything until later on. Perhaps in a year or two. What are your suggestions, oh and I work on a punching bag so that is technically plyometric.



just lift heavy and concentrate on the basics...


What are your goals?

Are you lifting to be a better athlete?

Are you working for an athletic scholorship?


Well my goals are to get bigger and stronger, my ultimate goal is to go into professional MMA. I definaetly think I have what it takes and many people have said so.



If your goals are to get bigger and stronger train to get bigger and stronger... By that I mean focus on maximal strength and hypertrophy now, like you said increasing your maximal strength can have great effects on speed/power.

I would suggest going to elitefts.com and reading push/pull, its a good article that covers this somewhat


Definaetly. Could anyone give me parameters for functional hypertrophy? Cause the bigger/mass I get I want it all to be functional hypertrophy.



Hey dl,

You asked for help on another thread that you stated you only wanted strength. I think you really need to figure out what will help you most with your goals. I've done MMA for a long time and I can say without a doubt that all strength is functional in it's own way. That said, just get bigger for a year or so. Then focus on getting stronger for a year and finally on making it all work for you. Turn your size and strength into an explosive cocktail of power and endurance. The whole while train with MMA.

Some would suggest that you don't need to do it over a three year plan the way I've outlined it, but it helps. In the next three years you'll focus on technique and the other training won't hurt. The reason for 3 years is in that time you can train yourself to be freaking deadly and peak in the perfect amount of time to go pro and win.

My 2cents,


for now just train mma as much as you can...

google so cal pankration its a youth 'league' in southern cali.

focus on getting stronger and faster... eat a lot and that will take care of your size...for the most part your conditioning will take care of itself also .

When its time to really move to mma, as long as you're already explosive it'll be easy to get you conditioned and then your natural athleticism will be able to overcome a lot of opponents (at least in lower levels of competition)


EXCELLENT advice 3 years you'd be an animal.


What are your lifts at right now? If you haven't developed a certain strength base, DE work would go to waste.


Well I'm naturally explosive and athletic. I know this isn't a good way to "show" it...but I've got heavy hands. Not bragging or anything but I've been in sevreal stree fights with guys 200pounds and I've knocked them out. I've knocked out kids in sparring class while in boxing. I sparred with the candian national champ (17 years old) I was 15 at the time, now 16, and the kid said I was harder than most kids in competition. I was only in boxing for 2 weeks when that happened. This is when the coach was putting me up against everybody so he can see what I can do I rechecked my weight and I'm 165 now. My bench now (just 2 days ago) set a new PR of 245. I've set new PR's in my squat/deadlift too now. Deadlift 350 and Squat is 305. I think the lagging factor in my squat is technique, just gotta work on that I think to get it higher. But I'm going to get my deadlift up to 390-400 by the summer and squat up to 350. I think my bench will be around 270 by then. So yeah I'm naturally athletic, good agility, im a fast runner and all. Hope that gives you some stats about me.



With regards to my other post "Building a Better Body". I'm using that sorta outline to bsically get strong as hell, mass (functional hypertrophy) and the 4th day I'd do strongman type stuff, sled dragging, punch bag drills, tug-o-war, sand bags or rocks - not round stones, but just big heavy rocks that range from 25-300lbs..cant do the 300lbs rock though LOL., DB snatches (dont got a KB), stuff like that. My focus on that though is the 3 lifting days where I get BIG and STRONG-ER.



Hey dl,

If your stats are right, and I assume they are, then you don't need to focus much on strength and size. I'm not saying to not train those qualities, you just don't need to put them first.

Put MMA first. If your training is suffering from too much in the weight room then you'll regret it. Make your training your priority.

That will be your fastest way to a title.



Are you looking for exercises to improve power exclusively? O lifts and plyo are good choices


Well I'm incorporating Power Cleans and push press and other olympic movements in my workout, but I just don't if DE bench or DE squat would be beneficial to me. I also don't know if I should perhaps incorporate some plyo pushups, and when I should do this. I'm wondering if I should still focus on getting stronger, and then eventually move onto plyo-pushups, DE bench and DE squat.



Here's my take on this: If you need to develop basic explosiveness, do plyo and medicine ball drills. if you are already explosive but wanna improve your explosiveness in the weight room: do o lifts: I prefer push jerks over push presses for explosive training


If you are looking to get into MMA then you should read and try and get in contact with Alwyn Cosgrove he was a World Class fighter.


I've definaetly been reading stuff on Alwyn Crosgrove lately, just that I don't know how I would really contact him and all. I could probably send him and email or PM or something and see if he gets back to me. Perhaps pay him to help with program design.



HI i am 16 also play football. have been getting letters and offers from many universitys allready i am 200 pounds 5"9 pretty solid, i am wondering what kind of rutine any of u could give me for strenght and power. right now i am benching 225 x25


225 x 25 reps, 16 years old?..DAMN lol.