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Power Work 3x/Week?


3 weeks ago I started squatting 3 times a week after only doing it 2 times a week. I'm feeling comfortable with this kind of training now but I wanted to see if I could increase my power work to 3 times a week as well

For power I do power cleans, Dumbbell snatches and dumbbell jerks. I was thinking of doing these before I squat. Is this okay or is this too much


What are your training goals?

Doing cleans and snatches and jerks before squats will actually reduce your squatting ability. It's one thing to use an explosive lift to fire up the nervous system, but it's another to go overboard and fatigue yourself before getting to the real work. But, again, it depends on what you hope to get out of the training.


My training goals are strength and power mainly in the lower body. I don't really care which one is worked on most as long as I improve on them.

Maybe I was thinking that If I do them 3 times a week maybe alternate which one goes first


That could be an option, but - for instance - if you squat first on mon, then snatch, and then on weds snatch, and then after squat - on mon you'll have more energy (and theoretically perform better) on the squat, but on weds, you'll squat 2nd, and (theoretically) do so with less intensity than you did on monday. Seeing mixed results may be frustrating. You could mix up the squat rep ranges?


Squat: heavy 10 x 3




Squat: speed (lighter) 3 x 10

for example.

Or just don't overthink it! Do the more complex movement/s at the beginning (snatches or cleans, etc) and then just smash some squats at the end. What is perhaps more important here is how well you recover between sessions. That can have a far greater affect on results than alternating the exercises between sessions. If you're recovered, strong, fresh, motivated, etc, you're good


Actually that sounds like a good idea. For some weird reason, even though I might max out on Monday, get close to my max on Wednesday, sometimes I actually PR on the friday of that week.

Well I will change up the order in which I do them, at least so I can evenly improve on them. I should also change up the rep ranges seeing as maxing out twice a week may be too much. Thanks for the responses