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Power wheel and power pushup 2

Hey peeps, just been to Matt Furey’s website and was interested in two pieces of exercise equipment that he was selling on his site. They are the Power Pushup2 and the Power Wheel(looks like a regular Ab Wheel except they have straps for your feet to work lower abdominals). Would like to see these items in a future “Stuff We Like” or what’s your opinion on these items. Thanks

I have the Power Push-Up 2. I travel quite a bit and its a great piece of equipment to have to take with me. You never know what type of “health facility” the hotel is going to have or if there’s a gym near by. I’ll also use it during those 70-80 hour work weeks when getting to the gym just isn’t possible. However, its not something i use when i’m regularly hitting the gym. So, if you travel, or tend to miss gym time because of work/family/whetever, i’d definitely recomend it. But, if that doesn’t sound like you, it’ll probably just sit in your closet unused.

Both are great products and I use both on a regular basis. However, as egg stated if you hit the gym a lot you might not use them too much. I would use them as a change of pace and a way to workout at home when you cannot hit the weights.

No problem. I just contacted Matt Furey and he’s sending me both products. I’ll try to get them reviewed for the next “Stuff We Like”.