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Power Twister


Just wondering if anyone still uses them, and what for ?


Mr. T still uses it.


Chuck Norris can bend it in half...with his beard.


These are are fun to mess around with, use to have one.

NOTE USE THE STAPS! LOL! Back in the day, ( early 90's ) was using it w/o the straps & got nipped in the face. It could had been bad, but fot lucky!

W/o the straps, it's a weapon. :slightly_smiling:


Lex Luger, as well as The Natural Born Thrillers (from WCW) used to use that too. That's how they got so huge; using the Lex Flexor.


I actually found one sitting next to a 7-11 a few years ago. It was one of the tougher ones ( I think there are 2 or 3 intensities,but not sure)
It's one of those things that I wouldn't base my training on ,of course, but it would add a nice finsihing touch. Like hand grippers....once you've basically tried all barbell exercises and so forth and wonder what the heck else you can do...do this.


If it's good enough for Frank Zane, it's good enough for me.

Ok, actually, no, I don't, haven't and can't say I plan on using one.


I have one from many years ago and it actually is pretty handy for warming up, since the reps are high and get the blood flowing.


Frank Zane is wearing a leather mini skirt. Put him in some do-me heals and he comes in fifth in this year's Ms. O.


His wheels look incredible there.