Power Trip: French Contrast Training

Heavy Lifting + Power Exercises

Combine heavy lifting with certain power-based exercises and dominate the force velocity spectrum. Here’s how.

Improve your power with French contrast training. By combining heavy lifting and power exercises, this method covers the full-force velocity spectrum in a single giant set of four exercises of the same movement pattern.

By strategically alternating between exercises of varying loads and velocity demands, you can harness more power from your nervous system with greater fast-twitch muscle recruitment.

This method works well as a 2-4 week block maintaining consistent movement patterns. Use this sparingly throughout the year since it’s better used as a shock method or plateau buster.

The Sequence of Exercises

  1. Heavy Compound Lift: Do 2-3 reps using 80-90% of 1RM (heavy, but not maximal).
  2. Force-Oriented Plyometric: Do 3-5 reps explosively.
  3. Speed-Strength: Do 3-5 reps using a moderate load with explosive intent.
  4. Speed-Oriented Plyometric: Do 3-5 reps at bodyweight or with band assistance, moving as fast as possible.

Rest 20-30 seconds between each movement and 2-4 minutes between sets.

Examples in Video

Upper Body Focus:

  1. Bench Press: 2-3 reps using 80-90%
  2. Bodyweight Plyometric Push-Up: 3-5 reps
  3. Light Horizontal Med Ball Slam: 2-5 reps using 10-20%
  4. Over-Speed Plyometric Band-Assisted Push-Up: 3-5 reps

Lower Body Focus:

  1. SSB Hatfield Squat: 2-3 reps using 80-90%
  2. Bodyweight Vertical Plyometric Jump: 3-5 reps
  3. Loaded Pop-Squat Clean: 3-5 Reps
  4. Over-Speed Band Assisted Plyometric Squat Jump: 3-5 Reps

How many total giants sets should you do with this method?


Good question. The setup can’t revolve around progressive fatigue.
I guess it’s lots of rest (2-5min) in between and a moderate amount of work sets (3-5) ?

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3-4 sets is plenty at that intensity.
think 30 sec between movements then 2-3+ minutes rest between the giant sets and your golden.

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