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Power Training for Baseball

I play college baseball, and despite the fact that I play for a Division 1 team, we have a terrible strength coach and our team’s workouts suck. As such, I have been lifting on my own for the offseason (my coach allows me to do this while the rest of the team does their workout). I have been alternating between periods of primarily hypertrophy training and primarily strength training, but am looking to utilize mostly power movements from now until the season starts (2 months out). Does anyone have any advice on what lifts might be best for speed/strength leading into a baseball season, and while I’m asking, what rep/set protocol might be ideal? I have some ideas, but am looking for advice. I should mention that I am a catcher too. Thanks.

Add in some of the olympic movements and their varations to work your hip explosion. These will help you in exploding out of the crouch into position to gun out people stealing 2nd. Also try adding in dynamic and max effort days…if you aren’t sure what I mean, read Dave Tate’s articles. And remember baseball is not an endurance sport (except maybe pitching) so keep you reps low, like 3-6 range. Make sure you are doing plenty of assistant movements for you shoulders and arms to keep the cannon healthy.

Steve - NSCA has an upcoming conference on strength training for baseball. Go to their website to learn more www.nsca-lift.org

Doug, I checked out the site and that looks like it would be awesome to attend…too bad I am nowhere near there as I live in Buffalo, NY. Thanks for the info though.