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Im just about to finish my second 2 week cycle of EDT, and am thinking of going to PTP for a month or so.

Ive done quite a bit of research, but cant find a clear writeup of how the plan works. I have a few questions.

  1. I believe pavel states to use deadlifts and an abdominal exercise (either side bends or something else).

Im assuming i could use different exercises though, I was thinking front squat, and bench press. Would this be feasable?

  1. Also, im not to clear on how the program works.

I think its 5 days a week, same two exercises each day. Something like two sets of 5 each day.

Is this correct? And do i use the same weight for the two sets, and when do I progress?

  1. Lastly, what do you guys think about slightly varying the intensity/volume throughout the week.

I was thinking something like this

Monday 2x5 (2 sets of 5)
Tuesday 3x3
Wednesday 5x2 (5 sets of 2)
Thursday 3x3
Friday 2x5 (2 sets of 5)

Any recomendations? My main goals are to increase my strength/skill in these two lifts.

I'll probably do two weeks with these two lifts, and then two weeks with deadlift, or rack pulls, and some form of abdominal exercise, and then back to EDT.


You're correct about the 5 days a week, 2 sets of 5 reps. Regarding loading you are supposed to start with a light weight. Over a period of 3 weeks you progress slowly (5-10 lbs each day) and work your way up around your 5 rep max (either through wave loading, or linear). Each workout your weight for the second set is 90% of your first set. Generous rest periods of 5 minutes between exercises.

You're supposed to focus on special tension techniques to trick your muscles into believing the weight is heavy even when it isn't. I tried this for a few cycles and it wasn't for me. There's some confusion regarding whether or not a warm up is necessary. I didn't do one and after a few weeks I felt beaten up.


That would be a solid plan. EDT is high volume, PTP is low volume. They compliment each other, especially back to back.

I've seen the book in the library. Worst case scenario, if you really don't want to buy it, hop into a Borders or Barnes and Noble and give it a read.

It's not an ab exercise. It's the side press.

You could. It wouldn't be textbook PTP, but the concept is definitely the same. Front squat/military press would be a little more acceptable since the bench press is kinda limited in muscle recruitment.

That's the PTP skeleton, yep. 2x5 (using the same weight each set) of two exercises five days a week, not hitting failure on any rep of any workout. I don't have the book in front of me, but you'd progress depending on how you're cycling the weights. Could be every week, could be every third week.

That defeats the purpose. PTP is based on drilling one movement with one particular weight into the ground. By changing the set/rep scheme so often, you'll be using constantly different weights (unless you still keep the weight the same, which is a whole 'nother can of confusion), and you'll be diluting the point of the original program.

Which two lifts, front squat and bench? The frequent practice will definitely help your skill, and the progam itself is okay for strength, but it's pretty low volume, and on the low side for intensity. I wouldn't stick with it for more than a month. And actually, it seems to benefit more beginning trainees as opposed to advanced lifters.

It's going to be hard to see the full effects just doing two-week cycles. A four-week cycle would be better, but as I said, not many people seem to do well past a month. And I'm not crazy about doing just deadlifts and abs, unless it's a big move like Turkish get-ups or full contact twists.