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Power to the People Routine

I am considering doing the following routine 4 days a week as a way to increase strength (with little increase in size). I plan on using the standard linear cycle outlined in Pavel’s book. What do you guys think of this routine. Is it a bit of overkill?

Bench Press (2 x 5)
Deadlift (2 x 5)
Chin Up (2 x 5)
Squat (2 x 5)
Barbell Curl (2 x 5)
Reverse Tricep Press (2 x 5)

If you want to ease into the routine, 86 the squat, curl and reverse tricep press and put in a pressing motion of choice. I like Pavel’s reintroduction of the side or bent press, but add one other, dips for a cycle, incline press for a cycle, but still do one either bent or side press. I also like the power clean post deadlift because the nervous system is so juiced from a good heavy dead that the weight seems to jump up. 1 set.
so, 2 sets dead, 1 power clean, 2 press (bench, dip , incline press) 2 chin, then 1 side press

A variation I tried was Day 1 bench 5 sets x 3-5 reps, s/set with chins (as ladder) then deads 5 sets 3-5 s/set with dips (as ladder). Day 2 squats 5x 3-5 & chins, bent pres 5x3-5 & dips, I plan on doing this for 3 weeks after holidays then straight into Meltdown for 3.