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Power Test - Hang Power Snatch


Test your overall body power with this simple exercise.
Good score would be lifting your bodyweight.

You want to kick and punch harder,improve your takedown? Hang snatch more!



The power snatch is hands down my favorite exercise, but I am not sure if I really get a ton out of training it.

I firmly believe that a big snatch = strong, but I have not seen the kind of 1 to 1 improvement that I get from putting 20 pounds on my front squat, back squat, deadlift, or overhead press. Add in the fact that bumper plates are not available and I really don't do them all that much anymore. For me it is squat, dead, front squat, overhead press, and pull ups/chin ups. If these improve things go "easier" for me.

I will do snatches and cleans with kettlebells, again though more because I like them better than barbell complexes than because I could honestly say they help my ability to "Do the Damn Thang."

I probably just like writing/saying "worked the snatch/worked the power snatch" in my log book.

Has anyone honestly noticed putting say 20 lbs on the snatch helped all that much compared to just a generic "getting stronger"?


Robert A


If your hang snatch goes up,your power definitely goes up.Unless you get better technicaly,of course.Its a great indicator.
I believe,hang snatch in itself is very valuable to train that quick hip snap so important to fighting.


Hang snatch, power snatch and full snatch

are all great- and big in the 'supervised' s&c training for greco

they usually play second fiddle to a plain old clean.

when I did them- I liked them allot
right now I think I get more out of
front squats and high pulls or high snatch pulls-

all the bang without the catch


I wouldn't necessarilly call the snatch simple.


Cleans are definitely harder on wrists than snatches.
Hang snatch is more quicker lift than full snatch,but advantage of full snatch is more body coordination benefits.
Also,I believe with snatches theres less pulling with upper body...its more of a leg/posterior chain lift.
No reason not to do both of them.

Good stuff is also Thibs workouts to up the CNS series= triples of power snatch supersetted with 3 broad jump & 3 explosive pull-ups.


I agree.Its highly complex move.
The thing is I am not a weightlifter,so my hang snatch is very crude...after I make sure to get in proper position to execute it ( shoulder above the bar,weight on heels,good arch in the back,etc.) I bacisaly just heave the weight up with all my power.
Stay strong!


Do you also do squat jumps?


I do them occasionally

think I get more out of continuous standing broad jumps
or trap bar jumps

any kind jumping like that needs to be done in short cycles-
for several months I squatted and did some kind of jumping each time I squatted
so doing that 2x a week for several months- my knee got all fucked up.

you can see mutant knee pics in the MMA training log or in my log in Over 35.

any kind of jumping is good- they just need balance- cant do them all the time.


If accumulated landing stress is causing you knee problems,maybe jumping on high box would help.
I do lots of one-legged vertical jumps where I land on both feet.It takes a lot of landing stress off.
The only problem I get is that day or two after training legs hard (squats,deads,glute-ham raise,back ext.)is stiffness and lack of elasticity.It takes ton of dynamic stretching just to be able to kick properly.
I tend to do more and more one-legged stuff than before,coz it improves performance much more.
Since 2 years ago,I do my rope jumping on one leg at a time-my footwork is better than ever.


accumulative stress is exactly what the problem is-
is a congenital thing how my knee is shaped

add an roadwoark for year at a super high volume
smashing it into a matt every day - and there you have it.

I like box jumps- but I 'walk' back down instead of jumping back off
huge fan of PVC and LX balls and being 40 I do a TON of mobility

unilateral work in general is good for the legs


I have also noticed that after working weights hard my flexibility is diminished and is hard to do high kicks, which I basically suck at anyway. Also have been focusing on strength training as of late and am now getting back into training harder and working techniques and my boxing has suffered too. Have been feeling lots of burning in the pec/delt tie in area. I do feel I hit harder and people have noticed my strength so now I am trying to get my cardio back and my speed as well as flexibilty without losing my gains in the gym.


Ive posted this here before-

this is a good start on mobiity drills



great stuff!


roadwork done for super high volume? well,that explains your need for periodization of jumping.

my favourite conditioning methods-
1.400 m done with short rest
2.hill sprints (long ones 200-300 m)..those are done with long rests
3.stair sprints-first floor to top floor,taking elevator down while any people sharing the elevator scared shitless of the heavy-sweating heavy breathing bald madman checking his pulsE :wink:))


I guess I should replace the heavy deadlift with the powersnatch.


why would you replace a strength exercise with a power exercise? they build different motor qualities.


Furthermore, why would you replace the deadlift with anything? It's one of the core lifts that I think should be in the lifting plan of anyone who is physically able to do it without injury.


What about the clean and jerk?

a movement I much prefer.


on the speed-strength continuum hang snatch is somewhere in the middle where the power lies.
Clean and jerk are actually 2 very different lifts and they rely more on strength than snatch.