Power StackTest for Bill

I have gone through all of my Powerdrive and Tribex and M and am ready to provide my feedback to get my t-shirts. I noticed a lot more wood and my wife thought I was actually bigger inside her (better blood flow?) and I guess I would attribute that to Tribex and M from what I know about it. As far as the double dose of PowerDrive I mixed it with water, club soda, 7-up, Sprite, with MD-6 and didn’t notice any effects during my workouts. I have gotten to the point where I have developed a very good mind-muscle connection over the years and can focus deeply during sets during my workout so I may not have needed PowerDrive to get me to that stage. So I have completed my portion now I want to get my hands on those new t-shirts we were promised. I am a XXX. Thanks T-mag and Biotest!!

Jason, I’ll try to find out for you what needs to be done, but as it happens I don’t really know anything about that – I’m a Biotest consultant and have designed several products, and on products I’ve designed have in a couple of cases also tried to help out on tests of this sort, but as it happens, not with the Powerdrive, but I’ll see what I can do to find out for you.

Bill, Chris responded to me by e-mail. Thanks for your help if you were involved. I am proud to be a member or T-Nation!! Thanks again Biotest and T-Mag for letting me test this stack out!!

My Power Stack was delicious too. I take my shirt in an X-stupid. Big hug Bill!

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