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Power Stack

I have been using the POWER STACK for three weeks now. I got my 200mg of caffeine from Prolabs caffeine tabs. I work out approx. 5:30a and my level of awareness and workout focus has tremendlessly improved.I have used a single of power drive before, but this is a new experience for me. I also feel very alive when I arrive for work @ 8a. I am currently doing rest-pause training and quickly advancing in free=weight increase and lowering rest-time interval. I am 6’2" and now weight 207lbs.I gained 7lbs. in 3 weeks. I didn’t take my bodyfat%, but make pants are not tighter in the waist. I am getting in about 400-500g of carbs, 300g of pro and about 100g of fat daily. (approx. 4200+ of cals). This is a great non-androgen stack for strenght increase which should equate to a size increase if your macros and training are adequate.I highly recommend it. At first I recommend taking a dose of power-drive, then try a double serving and then add the caffeine(3 workouts) to check your individual tolerence to the products.T-mag provided me with the POWER STACK and I provided my expirience and opinion.I been reading the website , subscribing to the magazine and using the supplements for years. T-mag is the most comprehensive place for info without having to hire a professional trainer. Thanks Tim. P.S.- The T-man previledge is awesome, great deals. I’m a T-man for life! I will do my dammest to convert all Body -for -Lifers at my gym :slight_smile: