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Power stack user's

Alright, this morning I found myself reading my own name in the winners of the Power Stack drawing. Since then I’ve been playing U2’s Beatiful Day and Moonwalking everywhere I needed to go. Anyway too the other winners and users of this stack, are we all supposed to use the same program and diet or do we just take measurements and stick to our regularly scheduled program. If everybody wants to do one program my vote’s for a 5x5 program, but I’ll change like the weather and be down for whatever. Holla.

The power drive will last for 30 workouts. For me that’s about 7-8 weeks of training, barring injury! I will stick to the same routine thoughout just so i could gauge my increases in weight and strength. I will keep reps in the 5-8 range. Routine goes as follows, chest/tris, quads/calves, delts/traps, hamstrings/forearms, back/biceps, I will prepare my 8 rep maxes before starting the program just to see how i will be at the end. I want to take some digital pics and send them in before i start. laters pk

I know what you mean. When i get that oomph I love to get in my car and play beautiful day by U2 myself. I often proceed to buy me a cute pink little skirt with one of them pink laces that match so nicely and … u get my point. Its great u won the drawing.It really is- congrats ( u goddamn puny effing little rat - mumbles incoherently). We over on this side though would prefer not to know what u listen to after u win something - simply because, well, we just DONT CARE. Really. Congrats though.

Diesel, before y name gets beat up on the boards here, I was just trying toconvey the level of bliss I was going through right then, I’m really not into U2 or could moonwalk if I tried. I was in no way trying to gloat, so I apologize if it was taken in that manner.

I, too, was experiencing utter euphoria in light of my good fortune!

Unless one of the powers that be comes on here and tells me otherwise, I’ll use the stack through my next training regimen, which will begin on Nov 4. That will give me six weeks training time to my next fight, and will represent a negligible variation from this recent six week training cycle, so I’ll have a pretty good basis of comparison to evaluate the stack’s effectiveness.