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Power Stack Results

A while ago got a package from Biotest filled with Grow power and bars, tribex,M, and Powerdrive, and an ice pack serving a dual purpose or keeping the bars yummy for my tummy and giving myself ice rubs after my upcomming EDT sessions. I decided to use Joel’s RR&D protocol because I wasn’t going to use all thi powr drive for nothing I wanted to gain some fuckin’ strength.

The only extra supplements were 1 multi vitamin, and surge (which I consider a food supplement and have used it religiously for 2 years so taking it away could have dicked my results). Diet was slightly above maintenance.

Results for some of the bigger lifts (5x5 protocol or 25 reps):
Week 1: incline cambered bench 225 - 22 reps, wieghted dips 45#'s - 24 reps, squats 340#'s - 23 reps, sumo deaflift 320 - 25 reps
Week 2: incline camered bench 245 - 21 reps, weighted dips 70#'s - 19 reps, squats 370#'s - 25 reps, and sumo DL 345 - 22 reps.

Measurements were nothing dramatic, forearms got bigger (masturbation level stayed the same - so ya can’t chalk that up to the tribex. Other misc. stuff I noticed: Quite a bit more focus in long lectures, Slightly more irritable, pushed through my workouts quicker and with a lot less zoning out, and smething I like to call “blowing pornstar like loads” I man fuck which one of these supps is causing enormous money shots.

So that's it, I've already got more PD to go at my larger volume days, and I'm jumping on mag-10 tomorrow. I'd like to thank biotest and T-mag for the opportunity to be a part of this experience. -Uncle Pauli