Power Stack Results

Man … I meant to post this as a new topic but put it as a reply to another one. Scary thing is that I am an IT consultant that has built this forum technology :slight_smile: What is that they say? Dentists have the worst teeth or something along those lines :slight_smile:

About three and a half weeks ago I came back home from a week of business travel and felt like a kid in a candy store. On the floor in my room was a box full of goodies that constitutes the Power Stack. I believe at that instant I jumped up and down and shouted praises to a company that I already love … Biotest. At the time I was in the last weeks of a lifting cycle so I decided to start the stack yesterday (12/02/2002). The program I am using is Escalating Density and here are some of my numbers. I am around 206 pounds; 9-10% bodyfat. Here is my entire supplement list: Tribex; Power Drive; Grow Low carb, regular and the bars; M ; Surge (a personal favorite); Vitamin C; EFAs; and a multivitamin.

Last night was my first workout on the entire stack and it was amazing. I think in the two twenty minute waves I got a total of about 60 sets in of 10 reps at near my 10 rep max. Keep in mind that I just came off of a week off. One drawback ... I lifted at night and was ON ... so on that I couldn't fall asleep til an hour and one half after I hit the sack. I will keep yuou all posted in the upcoming weeks :)