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Power Stack Results

Despite the fact that there are a few other threads concerning the Power Stack, I figured I would start this one dedicated solely to discussing the results. I will give a weekly update for the next four weeks, and encourage the other winners to do the same. Let me begin by saying I have never used Powerdrive before this Monday, though I have used caffeine (usually in the form of MD6) prior to workouts off and on in the past. I have now used the stack for a full week of lifting (four sessions), while getting my first exposure to hypertrophy based EDT. The sessions have been extremely intense, yet at the same time, I have felt like I could keep up the pace for much longer than the 40 minutes each session requires. I have done many high volume, short rest interval programs in the past, namely GVT, and have never blasted through the sessions quite like this. Another perceived benefit has been my overall feeling this week…I have had three exams, work, and some would be stressful family events occur amidst starting a demanding training program…despite all of this, I have been concentrated and upbeat all week, with energy to spare. I feel damn good. Bottom line, I am very pleased with the results so far, and hope the next four weeks prove to be as productive.

I just read the new online mag, and wanted to make it clear that I posted this previous to reading Chris T.'s article on PD…

Same great results for week 2 usage…workouts continue to have a little extra intensity, and overall feeling during the week was great. Usually by the end of the second week of a program similar to EDT I am beginning to drag a bit, but I have decided to do another two weeks because of how well I’ve responded to the stack and the training.

I started on Sunday. I like the Powerdrive. I tried taking it before work, and found myself to be much more alert. Setting up my line went much more smoothly than usual (I’m up at 4 am). I also was able to keep track of all the orders coming in without constantly going back and reading tickets. I hit the gym after a 3 week layoff. I do not know if it was the powerstack or that the lay off did me some good, but I felt strong (5 repped 245 in the bench which is good for me)and had good stamina. Will be interesting to see how my MMA workouts go.

Yesterday (11/11/02) marked my first week on the power stack. I have ben using a 5x5 program and have had great success. My poundage has increased dramatically faster that it had every other time i’ve used the 5x5 method. As other posters have mentioned I’ve felt a better sense of mental endurance as well as consistently better moods prior to the training session.
Aside from the lifting T-mag’s article said something about the boost in sexual performance. I don’t know about that cause sex has always felt good, and I’m 22 so all the parts work right, but has anyone else experienced something I like to call “blowing porn star like loads”, I mean fuck i’m not trying to have quintuplets, you guys should have sent me some biotest condems made from kevlar.

I don’t know if its just me, but does anyone else find the idea of a supercharged chef cool? :slight_smile: