Power Snatch

I have been reading up on the power snatch and would like to incorporate it into my workout.
I do the usual- deadlift, bench, squat. I was wondering what “bodypart day” and where (timewise) in your workout do most of you do this exercise?
Also I have an old shoulder sprain injury that is healed, but still a bit weaker on that side. I’m hoping this will help strengthen and equalize my shoulders. Obviously I will start out with light weight.
Any suggestions appreciated!

I’m a newbie so take this for what that’s worth…
Power snatches don’t hit a body part. They hit a lot of stuff, so you can’t think of them that way.
I do power cleans and power snatches on my squat DE day. I find them a good ‘warm up’ and get me feeling explosive before I do DE box squats.

I feel John Berardi’s “Creation Continues” periodization of Body building, Powerlifting,Bodyweight, Olympic Lifts, Cadio, Anaerobic Cardio and Diet is pretty amazing.

I am on week 3 right now!

Thanks for the link. That looks like a great program and explains where to fit the snatch and cleans in. I think I might try it. I feel like I have been stuck in a lifting rut lately. Just gonna have to adjust things for my girly size. Are you following the diet closely also? Let me know how its going for you.
Major Dan
looks like you are right seems to be a warm up for leg or chest day. Guess I’ll just have to watch my shoulders closely in the mirror so I don’t overcompensate on one side.