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Power Snatch



I would like some input on my power snatches both from the floor and hanging.

PS. I know my back is rounded in the beginning.


Well then fix it :wink: Change your stance a bit to make your set up a bit more comfortable, pull your shoulders back, move your butt a bit lower and lift your chin and stare at the wall in front of you, not the ground. After that, I'd focus on the first pull so that your back stays arched and you butt is not the first thing that moves. Rounded back is the first thing you need to fix anyway, so there you go.

Other than that, I would not worry about it too much. When you snatch from the hang, your posture is better.


Yeah I will. before this session I was almost stronger from the hang position and that felt weird so I just tried to improve my technique from the floor but in the future I will only do them from the hang position, Im not competing. but in this session I was stronger from the floor.

But thanks for the advices.

I will do some snatch pulls from hang and some snatch balance and overhead squats to try
to improve my overhead stability and flexibility. you can see my program in the other thread.


Do stuff from the floor or you will never be good from the floor...it's more bad ass to lift from the floor...



Koing, How much more can you take from the floor compare to above the knees? what is normal?
and I would love if you could give me some input on my second pulls.


People can get very good from the hang also and sometimes lift more depending on who they are

non lifters will usually be able to lift more from hang because
-use strap
-do more lifting from hang so get better from it
-less time/ distance for the bar path to go wrong
-can't do the 1st pull to save their life
-get a huge dynamic start from going upright to the hang position then lifting from it

But the floor is where comp lifts are done and you will be able to lift more if you start to work from the floor.

As a rough guess I'd say about 10-12-15% more from the floor relative to the hang, or much closer depending on what sort of lifter you are.

I'd always recommend from the floor even if you don't intend on competing. It's just more fun to lift more weight and why lift from the hang? That is easy to do once you get to grips with the floor. BUT if you only lift from the hang you will NEVER lift from the floor.



Okay my main purpose for training clean and snatch is to get just stronger and more explosive = I want to produce as much power as possible as fast as I can. I already power clean from the floor like 90% of what I FS so I don't really train anything from the floor because I feel like it can't give me anymore as long as I FS as little as I do.

In the snatch if my potential(in the near time) is just to snatch 5kgs more from the floor I don't feel like its worth spending my time to learn the whole lift properly if you understand :slight_smile:


Front Squat more mate...if you can PC 90% of your FS you need to squat more.

e.g. if you can FS only 100kg, you will never PC more then 85-90 at best. Maybe 100 if your an absolute freak show of a lifter...but if you can FS 150kg it'll give you at least 120. Do you want to PC 85 or 120?

Doing stuff from the hang won't give you anything more with a weak FS.

The larger your numbers are the smaller 5 or 10kg is so get a bigger FS to help your lifts.

Your hips start way to high, lower them down = use your legs
back rounds on the 60 quite a bit
keep chest up
you muscle it up as your bending your arms = losing loads of power
keep arms straight and finish the pull
think about getting your head up.

Note what I said about the floor and from the hang various wildly between lifters. Lifters that do loads of hang can lift about the same, others that don't won't.

It's up to you but the floor lifts are just much better overall.

Your potential to Sn 100 is ZERO if you do not FS at least 130kg at the very minimum and you have very good technique.

The choice is yours mate :slightly_smiling:



hehe yeah thats what I figured, you can see my schedule in my other thread I would love if you could give me your coments about that, I FS 100kg and PC from floor 90kg so I felt that is kind of sick, that why I only do cleans once per week, I hang PC about 80 but last time I tried to max it I was so near to do 85.

I FS like 90% of my BS as well so thats why I 2x BS per week and 2x FS, so what Im lacking currently is leg strength + that I only snatch like 55kgs and Jerks maybe 65.

how can I avoid bending my arms? after I bounce the bar to my hips I think I've to?
my head up earlier from the floor you mean?

Thanks Koing.


hey, i enjoy olympic lifting and have snatched 185 lb and cleaned 205 lb with 185 lb full clean and jerk...

my question to you is..is it dangerous to practice olympic lifting ie snatch and power clean and press without rubber plates? the plates at my gym are made of metal or plastic....

should i continue to do the power snatch w/ metal plates is there any danger doing this at weight such as this???

also how to increase deadlift? lol


Did some FS today made a new PB at 105 and did 5 set of 95/100kg 2 or 3 reps afterwards and then back to hanging PSN, couldnt even take 50 without afterpress I felt really weak, I don't know if all my FSs had an impact on that or what do you think Koing?


It was the PB and then the **10-12-15 reps at 95 100*** that did you in!

Your lifts will suffer a bit BUT the ONLY way you will crack 80 is if your FS goes up. Keep FS heavy, maybe drop to about 4-6reps after hitting a heavy single. Don't do 10-15reps mate. That is too much.

YOUR BODY WILL ADAPT and you can hit a PB and then hit heavy lifts if you drop the squat volume down to about 4-6reps after the heavy single. This is best for you in the long run.