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Power Snatch vs. Bench for Athletes


1.If you are an athlete and your performance is more important than your lifting numbers,what is your Power Snatch to Bench Press ratio? Do you snatch more than you benchpress or vice versa?

2.Do you spend more time & effort performing snatch or benchpressing?

3.If atlete A power snatch 200 lbs. and benches 150 lbs. and atlete B power snatch 150 lb. and benches 300 lbs.,which one is sprinting faster,jumping higher or throwing harder?


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well, lets say athlete A and athlete B are the same person in every characteristic except the lifts (somehow).. lets say they both practiced snatch/bench equally, and are efficient at each movement (even tho B has a crappy snatch).

athlete A would be better at using their hips.. so probably they would jump higher/run faster, but only a small degree..

if it comes to throwing shotput, then athlete B would do much better than athlete A.

if it came to throwing the javelin, athlete A would probably do a little better than athlete B.. the oly lifts are more "correlated" to this type of throw.. implement is light so the speed of movement is more specific to snatch/oly's.

or neither of the above..




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  1. It really is difficult to have a snatch so efficient to the point where you actually snatch more than you bench press. I believe Reza had a 460+ pound snatch, and his bench press is 480+ pounds... Consider the years he spent specializing with the olympic lifts, and yet, hasn't had a snatch that is bigger than his bench press goes to show how difficult it really is to raise your snatch to the point where it exceeds your bench press.

  2. Neither. I front squat alot.

  3. ATHLETE A will be a more explosive athlete overall. The power snatch involves the triple extension in your lower body, which is important with TONS of sports.

  4. (random stuff that i just wanna say) All that really matters in the end is how much you can squat...


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hasn't OP been chasing a 100kg snatch for 10 bajillion years.


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well i was under the impression oly specialists rarely if ever train bench press, and the reason they get high numbers in just natural strength/carryover from their sport.


There is no pre-condition in weightlifting excercises that would make someone jump a certain height or run a certain speed. There are some correlations but NO 'causations.' Posts like these are rediculous,...if you want to run faster than RUN, weightlifting is not the primary means of training in such a case


Specificity of training.

Look up hammer throwing...I doubt Sedykh could bench more than a hundred kilos. Power cleaned 160 (although seldom trained power clean). Koji Murofushi power snatched 1371/2 and again I guarantee he cannot bench 120kg.

If you want a snatch bigger than your bench do snatches and no pressing moves...works every time..

and as for "all that ...how much you squat." Hal Connolly won the 56 hammer, and in the 60s squatted over 300kgs, both Sedekh and Murofushi have best squats of 245 and 240 respectively throw around 15m farther.

Hal was strong but as Sedykh always says " not strong in weight room - strong in hammer

and general advice look up Anatoly Bondarchuck and his view of congruate training - block periodisation - right now almost all world class throwers are doing some version of it..

and while on that topic look up Udo Beyer, give you another perspective on "olympic lifters are the strongest...."

and I enjoy your stuff -


Damn, man, you may know your stuff, but I just can't believe that Sedykh and Murofushi can't bench 130-140 kg at least.

Koji looks like a tank and a lot stronger than, say, Tero Pitkamaki, and Tero can put up some good numbers in the weight room.

These are great Olympic athletes we're talking about, while strength is not everything, at their level these numbers should be warmup.

P.S. If you happen to be right, it will be a big achievement for me to be able to bench more than arguably the best hammer thrower of all time :)))


Speed snatch

Bench workout

The point of the thread is should athletes do more of the first


Are you sure about that?


The biggest power production was measured in elite weightlifters snatching 80 % of 1rm.

Ability to press big weights off your chest while lying on your back cannot even compare.

All these athletes are wasting their time and energy to put more kilos on their already big bench while their power snatch is hardly over hlaf of their bench 1rm.

Stay strong!