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Power Snatch Thread


Hi guys. It would be interesting to know what y'all think and know about power snatches.


Power snatches are by far my favorite exercise. I have just started doing them again, I just recovered from a severe knee injury. I swear they somehow have improved my hand-eye coordination and quickness.


I like them slightly less than full snatches, and that is a lot.


I wish I could figure out how to do them, they always looked fun to me.


I think they are a decent exercise to help you learn to pull high and fast, but I prefer full snatchs as they teach you to pull yourself under the bar.

doesn't mean I don't do them, just means I'm partial to a ful squat version =D


"I'm partial to a full squat version"

Excellent use of O-lifting pun, intentional or not.


goood eye, saroachman!




I like Power snatches because I don't have the flexibility to do full snatches.


Nothing beats a nice tight, clean snatch...



I don't like them. I feel like if I'm training my traps I'd be better off doing high pulls or shrugs. In order to get the weight as high as it needs to be without dropping under to an overhead squat I need to lighten the load so much that the weight isn't that effective.


They are a lot harder then full Snatchs for me as I rarely do Power Snatchs in my training.

Phenomenal exercise for triples or heavy singles :D.

It really abuses your traps on 1RM.



Good exercise, do them once a week.


One of my favourite exercises and I do them all the time at least once a week. The reason I do power versions is for the lack of flexibility (shoulders, upper back and elbows). I would do full versions also if I could but I don't want to spend endless hours of trying to achieve the flexibility (for me personally...its not worth the effort).

In the clean I'm able to do full versions but I choose to do power cleans basically all the time. For me in the full clean the front squat would be the limiting factor...so I feel that doing full cleans is not worth it.

On the other hand if ones aim was to compete in weightlifting then its a whole other story. Power versions would then need to be considered as secondary rather than primary lifts.

And yes my traps started growing out of proportion when I started doing power cleans and snatches (shrugs with much heavier weights and more reps didn't work at all for me).


Good lift that forces me to be even more explosive in the lighter weights.


I think power cleans are a better exercise for most athletes. A lot less issues with shoulder flexibility, and seems to be an easier lift to learn, so you can start progressing faster than snatches.

Only time I ever really do power snatches is during complexes.


I've done a lot of different versions of the power clean and the snatch, and as they call it at my high school, "squat cleans." I don't want to blame it on inflexibly, but I can't do the front squat portion at all. any reasons that may be?


When I first started olympic lifting, I was taught the power snatch first(obviously). I liked it for awhile but now I rarely use it, if at all.
A lot of kids in my school do them though, form sucks, but still, its popular there.


You can't do it because you can't get into the bottom or because you can't get out of the bottom? Either way, inflexibility may be a factor. If you're stuck in the bottom, it's because your legs/abs/lower back aren't strong enough. Nothing complicated.