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Power Snatch Technique Help


IS power snatch ok?
any pointers thx

[quote]decimation wrote:

IS power snatch ok?
any pointers thx[/quote]

There is a lot going on here. I am going to pick a few obvious points that you need to work on before anything else can be looked at:

  1. Keep the bar closer to you. The bar is easily 6 inches or more away from your body the whole time. It should be very close.

  2. Keep your weight on your heels throughout the lift until the end of the second pull where you go onto your toes. Your weight seems to be on the balls of your feet and this is causing you to be forward.

  3. Keep your arms straight until after you full extend your hips/knees and shrug. Dont bend them. Your legs/hips/traps should be moving the bar, not your biceps/deltoids.

  4. Lock your arms out while the bar is still going up. You press out on both lifts (though moreso on the second). Its not a legal snatch if you do that and you should get used to being able to lock out before the weight starts coming down.

  5. More arch in your back.

If I were you, I’d stop doing it from the floor right now and just work it from the hang position for a bit until the top part of the lift and the catch look better. Then worry about the whole lift from the floor.

thanks for the advice. I give it a go.

Yeah the good Dr. is right on with his assessment. It’s going to be tough, my friend has similar issues, very similar with the arm bend. Just keep working.