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Power Snatch Progression?

I started doing power snatches from the floor as a warm up for deadlifts, and now I find myself enjoying them almost as much as deadlifts.

What’s a good set rep scheme to progress with them?

Yesterday for instance as I working from home I did a set of 12 x 65 to warm up, a bit later did a set of 10 x 85, then a set of 10 x 85. After approximately 30 minutes I did a set of 6 x 95 (was working and just periodically got up to lift on the lanai).

Then a set of 105 x 2, and finally 115 x 1. All the lifts went up nice and fast though on the 115 I had to dip maybe 4 to 6 inches when recieving the bar at the apex of the lift.

The weights are relatively light, but so am I at the moment---- 160 pounds 2 6 ft even.

Anyone else do these ? If so what’s your frequency, and set rep schemes?

I am lifting on my lanai so cannot drop the weights. From the final position I flex my traps and lower the weight down to the front of my shoulders and then to the floor.


You could start from the high hang, move to above knee below knee and then from the floor as you flexability improves…

Good luck


I recently started doing dead stop hang snatches from the knees and I love them. Maybe you could give them a try. Good luck


on the left hand menu scroll down to “Routines” and click on “Try this for O lifts”. That’s a pretty good example of a ramp up for some heavy work.

Thank you for the suggestions, and the links I will try one of the pyramids later this week.

Today before deadlifts I did 10 x 95, at the top position I lowered the weight to my shoulders and did 3 or 4 millitary presses before lowering the weight to the ground. Might start mixxing in some overhead squats too.

Doing the power snatches first seems to really help the bar fly off the ground when I switch to deadlifts.

power snatches are best done for low reps, less than 5 usually even with light weights as fatigue can ruin technique.

sets of 3 starting at a light weight and add weight staying with 3’s until over 85% then doubles then singles when it gets heavy is a pretty standard way to do a snatch workout.

a standard power snatch workout for me would be something like this:


Check out Prilipens (sp?) table to ge your sets and reps and follow a basic linear progression.