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Power Snatch From Hang - Progrssion


Hi CT,
I wan't include power snatch from hang and snatch grip high pull from hang to my workout schedule. I actualy can workout only 2 times per week. My plan looks like that :

Day 1.

Day 2.
Military Press
Pull ups

Could you give me some advise haw to start with this lift. I have smal amout of time on training so I don't want to loos to many time on thous 2 lifts also I don't want to go to heavy becous when I go to heavy on power snatch i quiqly fill drained.


Unless you already have good technical mastery, you will need to spend some time on those lifts (especially the snatch). If you have the mentality of not spending much time on them, it's better not to include them.

At 2 training sessions per week you will need to do the snatch from hang at the beginning of both workouts. You need to practice it often to become efficient at it. The pulls can be done only once a week since they are less technical.


Thank you for answer. I'm thinking about add some snatch complex in beginning of every workout in EMOM style for maybe 5 minutes. What do you think about something like that?
What is your favorite snatch complex for Beginners?


That' a very VERY dumb idea.... I can't even express how dumb that is. EMOM on a skill movement like the snatch should only be done if you have very good and stable/repetitive (same technique every time) technique.

EMOM will make you rush and not focus on technique. Until you are technically very efficient, just practice the lift. Don't focus on sets, reps or weight (or complexes) just become very good at the power snatch.