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Power Snatch Form Check

Hi ,

I recently started learning snatch technique through youtube. Please help me correct my form.


Forgot to mention. In the clip, I’ve included the same clip in slow motion after 20 sec.

I realize these are from the hang, with the bar at knee height, your legs should be slightly straighter. This should put your shoulders in front of the bar, maybe about four inches. With this leverage, you can generate more bar speed as you use your hips and lower back to extend. As you do this, slide the bar into the hips, so your knees will actually bend again. Then, finish the lift with the knees and hips fully extended.

It is difficult to see for sure from the side, but it looks as though your grip could be a little wider. Speed is good and you pull very straight, you do not swing the bar out in front of you, which is a common novice mistake.

Thanks mate. I will look for these cues the next time.