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Power Snatch Form Check

Just started adding power snatches into my workout. Im completely new to this so just wanted an opinion on what im doing wrong (obviously). Thanks!

Looks like you’re pushing your hips forward and pulling your shoulders back instead of standing up straight. You jump back because you are leaning back and getting your shoulders behind the bar early. Try and stay over the bar longer.

I would be curious to see this with a little more weight. You are jumping back slightly but coming back nicely behind the bar. You do not want to go straight up. Also, pull off the floor a little slower to make sure you get your knees back. Decent foot work. As it gets heavier you will need to catch it a little lower.

looks very good! keep doing that smooth and fast for 5x5 all the same for a while, then start to creep the weight up a bit. the only slight tweak would be to keep the bar a touch closer and get the explosion/drive from the hips.