Power Snatch Form Check

Hey CT,

This video is from March. The reason I am posting it for a form check is I am now shooting for a goal of a 225 Power Snatch from Blocks and need some advice.

I notice in this video (and with my current technique practice) that my hips are driving forward and hitting the bar, causing my whole body to shoot forward, and I’m not getting the extension that I would like.

Could I get some advice or pointers on properly executing this movement? I know that in order for me to hit 225, my technique needs some major work.

Some other info:
On the day I hit 205, I missed it twice before I actually got it.
Currently I am devoting about 20 minutes to the beginning of each workout of just light power snatches from blocks. My technique usually starts to get better around that 15 minute mark. I am able to keep my hips from driving into the bar, but with that comes limited extension.

Sorry for the wall of text, just trying to explain the situation best I can! Thank you for any and all advice.

Power Snatch from High Blocks - 205x1 - YouTube