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Power Snatch Form Check

I don’t dislike it, your form on snatches seems better than you form on cleans.

What I notice is that you tend not to set-up your upper back (which is why the second rep in the second video and the rep on the third video) were forward. The rhomboids should be tight and the chest rocked upwards… you should feel tension in the mid-back/lower traps. But while doing that your should keep the arms as relaxed as possible.

In the catch your hips should be a bit more backwards which will allow you to catch the bar a tad further back (which will be important if you decide to move on to full snatches).

I don’t see your hands, but from the bar path I think that your wrist as slightly extended while they should be cocked toward you.

Thank you CT. Much appreciated as always.

I will take some more video on Wednesday and check back in with you.

Thanks again!

[quote]howie424 wrote:
Thank you CT. Much appreciated as always.

I will take some more video on Wednesday and check back in with you.

Thanks again![/quote]

Could you change angle a bit… filming at a 45 deg angle instead of completely to the side.

Yep I sure can.

[quote]howie424 wrote:
Yep I sure can.

Cool, it makes it easier to see everything… from the side you can’t see the arms or the leg stance, which are important for maximum performance.

My goal right now is to increase my max from 185 to 205. I’m 99% positive that this can be done through changes in my technique.

I feel like I am not maximizing hip power, but we will see if we can get some more information out of some videos from Wednesday.

Thanks again for all your help Coach.

If you can squat 390-405 you have the strength to power snatch 205 and it only becomes a matter of technique.

I haven’t squatted in what seems like forever; just power cleans, push jerks, and power snatches, along with some farmer carries, sandbag carries, and sled pushing. Strangely enough I’ve built a pretty solid physique and am as powerful as I’ve ever been. It’s got a nice carryover to the mat too :slight_smile:

I am fairly confident that I can not only reach a 205 power snatch, but I can surpass it.

Once I reach that I will be chasing 275 power clean and 275 push jerk.


Is this too low to consider it a power snatch?

Howie, that’s still a power snatch. Generally anything caught with the thighs above parallel is considered a power version. Looks like you got good extension on that lift.

Yes, it is a power snatch. As Mike pointed out, anything caught where the middle of the hips is higher than the knee is a power snatch.

BTW, you initiate the movement by bringing the hips to the bar instead of bringing/sweeping the bar to the hips, which is why you are lifting forward.

Mike, CT,

Thanks for the input guys. Much appreciated.

CT, I will work on sweeping the bar into the hips. I was wondering why I was catching these lifts forward. Thank you!