Power Snatch Critique 101

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I’ve done power cleans for years, now I’m reading the snatch MAY be better for fat loss/explosiveness/general athleticism. I’ve tried it previously, but I’ve run into some shoulder issues -pain-in doing it. So I’m thinking my form is jacked up! Please see the video and let me know what I can change! Thanks. I’m advance guys and gals!

*** looks like I can’t post a video I took, any idea on how I can do that?

Post the video to YouTube or the like, and copy the link here.

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It’s up!

there’s a part where he shows the elbows should be pointing up, not back about the 7:05 mark. I think that’s the part you are missing.

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Hi the snatch is definitley not better for fat loss if you would calculate the amount of physical work done and energy exerted that would be i guess in theory better for weight loss but weights dont use that many calories.
For the atleticism, you are required to be more athletic because the movement is harder.
As for the explosiveness you need to understand the strength-speed relation curve:

If you want to learn proper technique you should get a proper coach (probobly not a crossfit coach), but if youre trying to just be explosive i can tell you that many athletes get away with just ugly technique, although this isnt something thats optimal. As far as the shoulders go we oly lifters teach to squeze the shoulder blades together on your upper back.
As for the internal vs external rotation question: you are always externaly rotated when in that overhead position, but you can force to be more internaly or even more externaly rotated, the crossfiters that teach forcing external rotation dont know what they are talking about, and the other camp of lifting coaches teaching internal rotation are closer to whats optimal, I always used what felt natural and didnt wory about forcing my sholders to be more internaly or more externaly rotated. With that said i dont know about your sholder pain i am not a injury expert and even then would have to examine you, it could be perhalps the issue, in which case the first cue in my opinion would be to squeeze the shoulders together, but realize some people can get away with just awfull positions in any exercise and not be injured its also about the amount of work you do and at what intensity. Good luck

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