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Power Shrugs vs Snatch Grip High Pulls?


Hey CT, was wondering if you think power shrugs are just as effective as snatch grip high pulls for yoke development? I have a hard time learing the teqnuice on snatch grip high pulls. Thank you.


They can be if you really focus hard on squeezing those traps at the top. Because the range of motion is so short, if you are good at producing force and acceleration with the lower body you could end up with the traps doing very little work. But otherwise, yeah, they can be just as effective. During my snatch high pull blitz I did lots of power shrugs to help strengthen my high pull


Do power shrugs also hit the real delts and and rhamboids effectivly?


Not really, it’s that last portion of the snatch high pull, where there is an external shoulder rotation/pull back that does it