Power/Rep Range/Shock Routine?

I just started it and so far so good. Was just wondering if anyone’s been using it for a while and if you had any feedback about it…good, bad or otherwise.

It get’s a lot of positive feedback on other sites I frequent but I haven’t seen any information(besides this thread) ever mentioning it here. I’d be interested to hear feedback as well.

i was thinking about trying this for a little while.

whats your split look like?

Well I’m doing 2x a day 3 days a week. Mon is chest & tri’s and later bi’s & calves. Wed is legs with abs in the eve and Fri is delts & calves with back in the eve.

Can you fill the rest of us in?

Sure I could but the info in this link can do it much better than I can so check it out:


Thanks, It looks interesting!!

thanks alot