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power rack?

i was wondering if any of you guys had plans or ideas on how to build your own power rack? i am a broke teen and cant afford to buy one so i figured making one woudl be the next best option

You should invest in this book, Tight Wad’s Guide to Home Gym. Its only $12.95 and you can build plenty of stuff. Heres the link


I weld structural steel for grain elevators, and i have built a lot of my own equipment during my spare time at our construction yard. Understandably you may not have access to the kind of tools that i do. All my stuff has worked great for me though, and i have built some fairly innovative things (my equipment has to fit into a pretty small room). I dont know how you would make your own equipment if you dont have access to at least basic metalworking equipment. I can’t think building a powercage out of wood is a good plan. You might know somebody who has a mig welder (stick welder will work too but its a lot harder to work with) which is going to be the hardest thing to get your hands on. You can buy the steel anywhere and other than that all you’ll need is a circular saw with a steel cutting disc on it and of course some steel. A square helps too. PM me if you think you can find the tools and i can give you some more guidance.