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Power Rack

I have been doing extensive research on buying a power rack. I have found one from Walmart that is $138. Is that an insanley low price or what? It says it’s weider equipment so it should be ok quality right? Since most of the others have ranged from $299 to over $800 I thought i’d share the news to anybody who is looking for one. It’s sold on their website only so shipping costs will apply.

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I made a squat rack for free with scrap wood I had laying around the garage.

grin that’s the way it should be :slight_smile:

Here’s a link:


try parabody, they make some of the best home gym equipment.

That’s a great price. I just bought a power rack for $599. Shipping was included and it also came with dip bars and a high/low pulley attachment. The high/low attachment seems to run about $200 - $250, so the Weider rack is still much cheaper.

I would check to see what the load rating is! If you squat 400 and drop it will the cage hold it? I used to have a Weider rack to go along with my BodySolid one. The BodySolid one is rated for 1500 lbs and the steel was so much thicker than the Weider one… I doubt the Weider one will be able to catch a 500 pound missed squat. I saving up for the Professional Power Rack R3 at Elite Fitness - it costs $2000.00! If you move big weights you need a well built rack…

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Yea I am not a big weight mover at this time, I doubt I will be squatting that much for a couple years anyways. I havnot really done squats for a couple of years due to the fact I work out at home and don’t have a rack yet. The cost is the most important thing right now, as I would like to start squatting and benching as soon as possible.

In that case, its a good starting point for you. LMK if you need any help setting up your home gym. I’ve had one for over 10 years…

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Looks like you found a winner for your needs. I found mine on classified ads, and got the rack, bench, a bar, some plates, and db handles for $150. I’ve just kind of peiced my set-up together as I found good deals (mostly on classifieds), and it’s been pretty cheap. Aside from the dip stand I made from pipe.

WOW I love these forums!

I was searching around and BAM, found this thread!

What a great deal!!

I’m going to call up Weider and see how much weight it can support. Anyone had any experiences with this rack?

Paul if it is the Weider Pro 545, then yes I do have one. I wouldnt say it is the top of the line peice of equipment by any means but it more gets than gets the job done. Good for someone on a limited budget

I have had mine for 5 years I think. The only problem I have had is snapping the cables a couple times on the over head pulleys. I solved that problem now by installing better cables.

By the way to avoid the shipping you can get them @ Sears for around the same price from what I remember.


Ugh… Just got off the phone with Icon Fitness (apparently they bought the rights to the Weider name and use it for all their equipment and they are the ones who made the Weider 400 Squat Rack).

Anyway, I learned from the QUITE brainless lady I talked to, that the rack cannot support more than 210 pounds (including the bar). Ugh…

Oh well, that’s shot.

By the way, NEVER, EVER call Icon Fitness:

“Are you looking for a treadmill or something else?”

“A squat rack? What’s that?.. Is that like a bench?”

“How do you spell squat?”

looks pretty good to me, If I could get those sort of prices in Australia I would buy one today.

Man you Yanks are spoiled for prices on absolutely everything!

That sucks…only 210 lbs???

“You’ll shoot your eye out kid.”

…or at least decapitate yourself…

Very apt Greekdawg.

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I bought a weider power rack with a 310lb olympic set at Sam’s Club three years ago for approximately $300. I use it alot and it works great. However, I did add some lube to the cables to make them run smoother. After that, no problem. Get some more olympic weight, a set of powerblocks and a versaclimber it like I did and you’ll have a serious home gym.


This one seems to be pretty popular with the home gym fellas on a budget. Not sure what the poundage rating is on it, but the guy I know with this rack puts up alot more than 210lbs.

Check out your nearest “Play it again sports” store. I found some good deals there on racks and weights…

Check out NY Barbells. They have a few racks to choose from and make high quality equip. I purchased this one http://www.newyorkbarbells.com/92563.html and it works great! Affordable and well built, plus free shipping.

Wow! NY Barbell rules!

I emailed them last night at around 11:45 and it seems they responded by 12:30 am, haha.

Anyway, here’s some great news for anyone who’s interested in NYB:

“All our Power Racks can handle up to 1000 lbs.”