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Power Rack

I just bought a good quality bench with leg attatchment and arm curl attatchment, but now i’m regretting that i didn’t buy a power rack, allthough it was around 700 bucks, but i’m willing to spend the money on one if you guys can convince me its worth it, some people told me on another board that you can obviously squat in it with safety, i knew that, but they also said you can bench, deadlift, bar shrug, military etc…so can i bench until i can’t lift any more and just let it set down on that bar, like a spotter?? basically is it worth it to go buy one, i workout at home alone…

Working out at home is a waste of time, join a gym!

Reason to buy one? I’d say knowing you’re not going to get stuck with a few hundred pounds crushing your neck when you can’t get your last rep up while you’re benching is reason enough. When you’re benching you can set the pins an inch or so below your chest so if you can’t get the last rep you can set the bar down and wiggle your way out pretty easily. (Plus it helps for a horde of other exercises that you couldn’t do safely without one)

If you do get one, try to get it with the pin holes as close together as possible (1 inch I think is the closest they come.)

Also, if you check out deepsquatter.com. I think somewhere there is an article on how to build your own power rack. Might be a bit cheaper.

Absolutely, get one. The best investment I ever made. I got the “Bodysolid” one with lat high and low pulley system and chinning bar. Brillent. I 'm afraid I could’nt disagree more with Tapper. Training at home is the way. No chat, no noise, no distractions whatsoever. Lock yourself in the room, switch on your concentration and with the absolute certainty that the rack will save you, you get to workout to the limit and beyond. I would’nt change it for all the free memberships in the world. Get one. JR.

that’s your opinion tapper, i think going to a gym is the biggest waste of time, sure your not spending a ton of money on buying your own equipment, but its worth buying your own and working out at home, for one, you don’t need to have anyone workout with you, listen to whatever music you want, go mess around with the weights and whatever whenever you want, nnot have anyone bug you, not having to wait on some fuck doing barbell curls in a squat cage, i can list many more, my opinion, it far outweighs reasons to join a gym.

But the power rack from elite fitnees systems. Their rack has one inch increments in bench press range(great for lockouts), two inch increments at squat height, and two inch increments at the height for deadlift lockouts. It also has a chinning bar for a cross beam. This unit comes with a flat bench for a total of about 700$. I have one in my office. This is the type they use at Westside barbell. Belive me it will hold well over a thousand pounds.

Don’t go and buy a home gym all it is going to do is put you in the poor house and piss your dog off because he lost his favorite spot to sleep. I would if I were you just go down to the hardest gym in town you will know it by the snot-rocket being shot across the room, faul oder, and loud music. Try to not only lift but have fun when you do it. It is also a cool place to meet new friends and then you will have someone to spot you. Thats all I got to say. Kiss my ass.

i gotz the moneyz, don’t worry about it, fuk the gym, besides there are none in my area, and i aint travelling across the city just for a gym, when i can train better at home.

Definately get one! Like one person stated,you could build one and save a hell of a lot of cash to put towards dumbells, more plates, etc. Workouts at home are damn good, if you keep safety in mind. With some good equipment covering the basics, the sky’s the limit. No distractions, no battles over music type, no whining kids or soccer mommies. You do miss out on babes though. Good luck!

Definitely get one. I love training at home as opposed to the gyms in my town. The ones in my town are always too crowded and with the wrong type of people. At home I you can workout whenever you want and play whatever music you want. One thing to keep in mind when you buy or build the rack is to make sure the dimensions are big enough to allow you to do whatever exercises you want. I bought a cheap one from Sam’s and it was too small for me to do military presses and incline presses. Deepsquatter sells great stuff and a power rack from them should be fantastic. Good luck.