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Power Rack Upstairs.

Do ya’ll think there would be any problem with having a power rack in a room upstairs in a house?

Say about 450lbs of weights on the rack?

Any significant weight over what may be deemed reasonably normal furniture items may require that the load bearing beams be of a larger size or decreased spacings meaning a greater number of them, or both.

Whilst the weights you mention are not dramatically heavy, the point load is of concern. It’s a bit like a having a woman stand on your foot, not a drama, but if she does so with high heels on, intensifying the point load, it bloody hurts.

Short answer - I wouldn’t.

Weights are much safer in a basement where you have solid concrete for support. However, you might want to put some rubber matts down to prevent any cracking or chipping away of the floor. Usually in homes, the upper floors only have one to two layers of plye wood which is braced. However, the four points of contact of the rack to the floor are very likely to pop through the layer of plye wood and you definately don’t want that to happen when you are racking your weight.

I’ve got a question. Do the obese lard asses we all see driving around in rascal scooters ever live on a second floor. I don’t know the answer but the way i see it is if you can find at least 1 lard ass who lives on a second floor you should be safe.

If it’s your own house I wouldn’t do it. If you’re renting better check the lease.

I think you could do it wouldnt have it over top of any beds have something that can help spread the weight out like two 4 by 8’s wouldnt advise heavy DL’s tho

I have used regular duty power racks upstairs in several apartments and a house with around 500 pounds and no problems.

A heavy duty rubber workout mat to help disperse the force and protect the floor is a must.

Who knows what the actual limit of your floor may be. Your better off on a base floor but if you have no other option chances are you will be fine with 450 and a regular duty rack. Just don’t push your luck and drop any 450 pound deadlifts and you’ll probably be fine and don’t skimp on your rubber mat.

Me a few years back at 200lbs and only squatting 300lbs broke a 2 x 12 floor joist. Aint no way youl catch me now moving any weight on a second floor unless its reinforced for such loads.