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Power Rack Questions


I know this topic has been discussed alot and I looked at most items on the search tool, however I have some specific questions I'm hoping you can help me with:

Regarding this product http://www.newyorkbarbells.com/92563.html

1) If you have used it, what are the pros and cons of basic use compared with the elite product?

2) My lifts rarely exceed 315 lbs, is there other options I should consider as far as brands or sellers? I'm not a BB or powerlifter, I lift for fun and health, so given my needs, should I spring the extra $$ for elite-type-equipment?

3) Budget is not so much an issue, I just don't want to buy a ferrari to race at the go-cart track.

Any help is appreciated.


I purchased a rack very similar to this about 8 years ago from York Barbell. The rack should hold up well. It's a light weight rack so I would advise if you get it, that you bolt it to the floor or wall for more stability. Also, the depth of 26" is a little narrow compared to other more expensive racks but should be fine. Based on the detail you've give I would say to get this rack and save the money for other equipment.


I should be recieving my squat rack tomorrow from Yukon fitness. I chose them because they had a deeper rear support for bench press and racking/ unracking your weights.