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Power Rack Question

Hi all. This is a great site and I am proud to be a part of it, I hope I can learn and also contribute a bit. I am 26, and want start training hard. I am 5.9 feet at 205 pounds.

I am about to having a power rack custom made (in my city they don’t sell pre-made ones). My question is, what specs are good for a power rack? I am not sure about the width specially, I know I need room to move within the cage but I am not sure about how much.

Also, do I need a revolving olympic bar or is a non-revolving bar just fine? I cannot do any exercise with more than 350 pounds anyway.

Thanks a lot for any help.



That has dimensions and specs for a pretty kickass power rack.

Having a proper olympic bar is very important if you dont want to injur your wrists and joints (which is very easily done) especially if you are doing any vertical lifts where the wrist has to rotate for example power cleans, or clean and press and even deadlifts.

hey guys, thank you so much for your answers.
I am definetly looking forward to have the power rack made and start some serious training.

Thank you for your help.