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Power Rack Lat Attachment ?

Made a post fews weeks back noting was currently into looking to build my own basement gym.

I really like a lot of what newyorkbarbells.com sells.

Cant decide if I want to get:
power rack http://newyorkbarbells.com/8515.html $479

power rack with lat attachment http://newyorkbarbells.com/92563-la.html w/200 lb stack

or lat pulldown http://newyorkbarbells.com/4650.html

or lat pulldown http://jesupgym.com/products.htm?cid=11

It would be nice to have the power rack and seperate lat pulldown. But think of the space saved!

Opinions? How would you guys purchase.

C-92563-LA -OS
Reg. $399: Sale: $199.99 + FRT

I would go with this one and not be limited with just that 200# stack, you can uses your own plates.

I wonder if I can add to the stack. I’ve seen some with 300 lbs. and would more then 200 lbs be needed? and I wonder how smooth it moves? I wonder how smooth the lat pulldown with free weights moves compared to the one with the preloaded stack? do they both pull the same or is one easier and smoother theb the next?