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Power Rack Help!


I am currently looking at buying a northern lights power rack. It has a plate loaded lat attachment. I am able to buy it for $300. Anyone have any comments on the northern lights equipment, I have heard good things and bad things. All help is greatly appreciated!



i dream of the day when i have a garage that i can put an EliteFTS rack in, and a couple of those expensive bars they sell. sorry.


Is this the one you are looking at?


The one thing that stands out to me, if you zoom in on the photo, is that the frame is only attached by a single bolt at the base. I can't imagine that it wouldn't sway a little. That, and the fact that it is a 2x2 frame that isn't welded means that it probably isn't the most heavy duty rack out there.

It depends on how heavy duty you want your rack to be. It would also concern me that they don't list it's load capacity.

$300 is a very good price, especially with a lat attachement, but I would want to see it in person first.