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Power Rack for Overhead Pressing with 8' Ceiling

I am looking for a power rack that I can Overhead Press in but my ceiling is only 8’ high. I know a lot of people put the pins on the outside of a shorter rack and press outside the rack. This is Plan B for me, ideally I would like to be able to press inside the rack for safety since I lift alone and go for PR’s on Overhead Presses. I am hoping to buy one for $500 or less but would spend a little more for the right rack.

I found one affordable ‘open’ power rack online at Sam’s Club of all places! The brand is ‘Champion’ and it is close to $700, a picture and the url are attached. I would buy it in a second if it was $500 and I knew it was good quality. Does anyone have this rack, if so, what do you think of it? Also, does anyone know of something similar in my price range?

Thanks for any advice!

Stability of this power rack appears questionable. Maybe its fine, maybe its not .


I went with this for my basement. Not sure how it stacks up to other racks, though…

I have a rack that’s similar.

It won’t be as stable as one with the bars across the top, but the design is stable enough. Mine is rated to 600lbs or so (which I’m assuming they’re considering around 2 feet of freefall before the bar hits the safety pins).

In my opinion, that rack will be just fine. It will probably wobble a bit side-to-side, but it’s not going to collapse on you. The only risk I think you’ll ever have is potentially bending the safety bars… but you can get those replaced. The rack itself should be fine.

I personally would rather have a solid conventional power cage like my Powertec. Why sacrifice stability for the sake of one exercise?
You also lose the ability to do pullups and chin ups off your rack attachment. I bet this rack would suck for dips as well.

This may just be me, but I have never needed spotter bars or a spotter for overhead pressing. If you fail the lift, the bar returns to your clavicles? If you lose balance at the top (extremely rare) you drop the bar.

I seriously wouldn’t sacrifice the benefits of a full rack just for OHP max testing. My advice: Get a powertec.

[quote]panzerfaust wrote:
You also lose the ability to do pullups and chin ups off your rack attachment. I bet this rack would suck for dips as well.[/quote]

Right. I forgot about that part. I have an upper bar joining the back posts of mine for doing pullups/chin-ups, which also gives it additional stability.

This rack: http://dsp.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/pDSP1-10596393p275w.jpg

my post didn’t go for some reason, but essentially, I don’t understand why you’re worried about overhead pressing in the rack, as you can just return the bar to the front rack position - if that isn’t comfortable or smooth, get it there! it’s helpful with cleans and front squats

just…do them outside? Hell, there’s days I squat outside the rack. It’s fine to do thing sthat way.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll have some research to do!