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Power Rack for B-Day!


Yeah for me! Look what my wife bought for Father's Day / Birthday! Woo-Hoo!

It is a PowerTec with Lat attachment and Bench. Real Sturdy. Weights and scrawny man not included. We bought it half price at Play it Again.

Note: this is not bragging. Nobody else cares because they don't know what a power rack is. Celebrate with me!

Happy Birthday to Me!


Well, I sure know what a power rack is, and that's a great one. You've got a good woman. Hold on to her.

And Happy Birthday.



Nice rack!

I just got one for my den. The flooring arrived yesterday and its ready to be broken in! Nothing like squatting and dead'ing at home!


Congratulations. I'm jealous.


congrats your wife sounds great.

can you post a picture?

Is she into swinging?


That's the one I have, minus the lat/cable attachment. It's definitely nice to have.

Unfortunately, I don't really have room for mine :-/.


As someone who just got a squat rack from my colleagues (organised by my girlfriend) as leaving present 4 weeks ago, I fully understand how you feel. :slightly_smiling:

Way to go!



That thing is sweet! I'm jealous.


Nice! How decent is the lat attachment? My friend had one of another brand that sucked real bad, the pulleys were shit.


I know a lot of you guys don't like gyms for a multitude of reasons but I find it hard to get amped working out at home. I pretty much pump myself up all day thinking about the gym so when I finally get there I literally run to the weights. When I had equipment at my house it was kina like working at a gym all day. The last thing you want to do is be there any longer working out. Same thing with home gyms, after walking by it and seeing it all day the magic kind of wears off. Am I the only one?


I assume you're saying that nobody around you knows what a power rack is and that's why you're telling us about it, right? Well lemme tell you something: it's still bragging! :-p

Happy Birthday. And may you squat strong and low for many years to come.


I'm curious how the lat attachment feels also. I have been looking at this rack for awhile and contemplating buying it. Let us know you like it...


What are you doing home all day?


Yep, I like her. Here is her back pic from the Big Arms Challenge - she lifts with me too! She has directly advised me NOT to post her face on the net.

She did like swings when she was in grade school, but she has given that up for something else now. Sorry, dude.


A family that lifts together...


The rack is SO heavy. I thing every bolt insertion has double reinforcement plates. It is SOLID.The product specifications on the WEB say the whole machine is about 400# total.

The Lat attachment is very heavy, but the best built I have ever seen. The backside has 2 rails instead of one. I think they are near 1" and solid. The action is very smooth. Also, the cable is about twice as thick as my old IMPEX or WEIDER.

I may not have much point of comparison, but I would highly recomend it to anyone who is looking.


I neve thought I would have a reason to say this to a guy or even think about it but,

Nice rack man.



Nice pic. We get the 3rd grade boy & 2nd grade girl down to lift too. The kindergartener is a bit unfocused still, but it will happen.


discipline him...40 lashes :wink:


Nice!! I bought a Parabody power rack when I got out of the Marines. It's not quite as cutting edge as yours, but that was thirteen years ago. It has easily been one of the best investments I've ever made. If you use it, it will pay for itself 100x over.