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Power rack doesnt allow deep squating

Hello, all.
The power rack in my gym is built too high for me, as I cant reach the deep knee squating position, when training in it.
I have to do deep squats as it is very important for sport specific performance for me.
Any suggestions?

Are you using a “power rack” (squat cage), or Smith Machine? I thinking that you are using a Smith Machine (bar is in a fixed position, and slides on rails). If so get into the squat rack and learn to do them there unassisted.

what sport

You could put plates under your feet (like the 45lb plates) - maybe?

Maybe you could do dumbell squats instead?

Squat outside the rack.

Here’s another problem I’ve come across- The rack isn’t wide enough and when going wide, my feet are pressed right up along side the bottom rails, but still that’s not wide enough and I can’t “spread the floor” like Tate recommends; however, should I step on the other side of the rails, that’s too wide. Squatting outside the rack is a good idea, but I dont always have a spotter and after one bad incident, I’m overcautious about that kind of thing.

stand on rebok step/s

Stand on a strong box

I hate squatting in the cage itself, so I stand outside of it. Feels neat to have all that freedom… sure I lower the weight, but that just means I focus on balance and form more.

Same question as Ko: is this a Smith Machine? But I’m also thinking it’s one of them funky squat racks that have that “railing”. If so, do as others have suggested, squat outside of it, stand on boxes, try dumbell squats, etc.