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Power Rack Dip Attachments?

I am looking at getting some dip attachments and have come across these. However, I am wondering how they actually attach to the power rack. If they simply slot into the holes of the power rack, the distance between the 2 attachments would be too wide for standard dips.

Does anybody have these and can comment on them?

i was wondering the same thing, i want to purchase some dip attachments, cause my gym only has a wide grip dip bar, that really sucks. But they have a powerrack, so are there any normalclose grip dip attachments for the power rack?

They fit into holes on the safety bar, but only on a certain model of power rack. So unless you already have the correct rack they won’t do you any good.

Here is a picture of the rack. You can just barely see the holes in the extra thick safety bars.

Damn it. That is not the rack I’ve got.