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Power Rack Decisions...

As pay day arrives today I have decided to get everything I need for the garage.

I haven’t got much at home besides a basic multi gym thats about 20 years old, a few plates, and a dumbbell or two.

I’ve found this set up ( http://www.ukfitnesssupplies.co.uk/products-Powertec-Workbench-Power-Rack-Utility-Bench-165kg-Olympic-Weight-Set-Package_Powertec-Pack.htm ) for £979 (approx $1600). Rack, bench, olympic bar and some plates included.

I have very little knowledge on the best brands for racks etc besides the one I use at the gym, and wondered if anyone had any experience, idea if this is a decent idea.

It’s pushing my budget but if it’s worth I will go ahead.


There a tonnes of people with that rack. Check out bodybuilding.com for plenty of discussions on it. I have seen the rack and think it is good value for the money, at least in North America. Seems well made for home equipment. Check out treadmillfactory.ca for Canadian prices.

I just bought a rack…if I were to do it again I would have bought one with weight holders. I’m sick of having the plates strewn about.

Tough to say whether or not that is a good deal. It kind of depends alot on the quality of the bar. Bars go from about 75bucks (for el cheapo) to 1000 or more (for Swedish Steel). Don’t skimp on the bar whatever you do.

If it were me, I would price each piece individually and compare. I would rather buy the stuff I want once than have to replace a piece…like I am considering doing on my rack already.

Don’t know if they ship that far (or how costly it would be) but you should check out elitefts.com. Even if you don’t want to or can’t purchase one of their racks, you can at least see a number of examples of well thought out and solidly built racks and perhaps find something comparable in your area and price range.

After checking out both treadmillfactory and elitefts it seems you do seem to get quite a bit more for your money in North America.

Some of the set ups on elitefts look fantastic, I’m guessing it’s mainly due to having a main sport that is so heavily reliant and strength training that there is so much more competition and variety in terms of strength equipment.

You’re still unlikely to find many gyms in England with power/squat racks unless it’s a smith machine.

Elitefts does make good stuff. But they quoted me an 800 freight charge to Canada. I cant imagine how much putting it on a boat and shipping it to the UK would cost!