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Power Rack Critique


I'm in the process of getting a home gym together so I'm in the hunt for a new power rack. I'd love to get an elite fts rack however with the cost of shipping (to Australia) added on it's not worth it. I'd like to get people's thoughts on this bad boy I came across and would be interested if anyone has used one before. I don't know what it's rated to as far as handling weight but I'd say it could handle over 1000 pounds.

It looks pretty neat and I love the chin up alternative. I think the brand name is HPRSP Commercial Power rack. Costs $1250.00.



Here's another photo.


One of the j hook.


That is a very nice power rack. If you have the money to get something like that, I would go for it. I doubt you will ever need to replace it.

There are much cheaper options out there that are just as functional, kinda depends on what you are looking to do.


I would look into the weight capacity. A power rack is not something you wanna worry about replacing as you get stronger.


Or for a little more you could get this and pass it on to your grandkids:



You didn't read the first post, did you?


Eh, even my cheap-o $450 power rack has a 1000lb capacity, and my guess is that this is probably 50% lighter than a real test limit. Now, there is basically no way I would ever hit a 1000lb lift. Point well taken for some elite level powerlifter though... don't buy the rack I bought!


Exactly, It's not hard to find a rack with a 1000+ pound capacity. So, my point is, don't settle for less. I know a lot of those Body Solid and some of the rack on New York Barbells only have a 600-800 pound capacity.

The rack is important, don't skimp on it. I think it's stupid to buy a rack you will just replace a few years down the road.



Thats one meaty power rack.

Go with it.


that looks like a sick power rack........


Nope - I didn't. Pass that face-palm over here...


that's a monster rack. hopefully you have room for it.

I did not see hole patterns in the feet to secure the rack to the floor. May want to custom order bigger feet so you can secure it.


The rack is one thing that I would be prepared to pay a little extra to have a better product. I don't plan on squatting 1000 pounds any time soon but I want a rack that will last for a long time despite wear and tear.

I can't see any holes in the feet where I could bolt it to the ground however I'll be getting some rubber flooring to go underneath to stop the rack slipping around.


that looks like an awesome power rack. just for my own ocd i would call the company and verify weight rating.

if its good i would get it. the 2x2 is an awesome rack, glad it comes with 'j' hooks and the pull up ladder is amazing.

get it.


I wouldn't worry about bolting it down. Mine isn't bolted down and I have never even come close to anything more than rattling it around a bit. Of course I don't tend to fling my weights into the J-cups after I squat either. Plus, the thing has built in weight trees. You think you are going to move it anywhere after those bad boys are loaded up?


I have a 3x3 elitefts rack w/ weight storage. I know you aren't getting one, but if you have a decent amount of weights, it won't move ever. Hell, my rack won't move at all even w/o weight. Its a workout just assembling it!

I'd say go for it. It looks like overkill. I think overkill is appropriate because you will never need to worry about damaging it and having to buy a new one. They pay for themselves when you consider who much you save not going to a commercial gym.

Btw, those J cups are sexy as hell!


I too would say to go for it. It looks like a good rack, and I firmly believe that 'Overkill' is a good thing.

However I do think that bolting your rack down is a great idea if you are using bands any amount. It's pretty easy to get up to a few hundred pounds of band tension at the top, and that can get...interesting...if things aren't attached.


depending on your band set up, speed squats with a heavy and an average band can lift a lot of rack up. we needed to use a pair of 120 dumbells on the rack to keep it from lifting. just something to consider.