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Power Rack Bench Press


I just got my first power rack a fews days ago and just got it setup so i can roll it off my chest if i miss. I never had a chance to use many spotters the last 6 mths so i never maxed out very often.

How many misses i wonder could i get away with before burnout and probably regression?


you'll be much better off setting the pins so that they can catch the bar if you relax your arch. This will help teach you to arch properly. As for the other part of the question you should avoid failing on a lift. It will happen from time to time, but it should be a very rare occurrence. I know we on these boards say it over and over, but using a program like 5/3/1 that allows you to progress using submaximal loads is your best bet.


I have never used a rack, i'm going to do it anyways.

Sub maximal shit - yeah do lots of that.


On a program with ME lifting, it happens a lot more often. Otherwise, I agree.


If you are going to be benching light shit like in 5-3-1 you don't relly "need" a power rack now do you? I take the "nothing ventured, nothing gained" approach. Bombing out all the time is not good but every now and then is just part of pushing to the next level. Thr rack is there so take advantage of it. If you miss, so what. It's a fucking exercise not the end of the world....